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Αρχική Xindak Φίλτρα ρεύματος - Πολύπριζα

XF2000E Φίλτρο Ρεύματος - Πολύπριζο

XF2000E Φίλτρο Ρεύματος - Πολύπριζο
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: XF-2000E (2000W)

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Input Voltage: 230V (+-10%)

Maximum Output: 2000W(Isolation Toroidal Transformer)/10A (Total Load Current)

Output Connector: 6 Schuko Outlets 

Συνοπτική Περιγραφή

The models XF2000ES and XF2000B were the high-end products in the XF series power conditioners of Xindak,respectively using 220W and 600W good quality high power isolation transformer, which have a higher capacity of isolating grid clutter jamming.

At the relentless pursuit of the perfect sound effect, the pure class A amplifers with higher output power are also increasing popular and due to the higher power consumption, the built-in transformers require higher standard of the power and current output ablity. In this case, we specifically for our customers launched 2 new model power conditioner XF2000, which the output power of the isolation transformer can reach 1200w and 2000, the model are XF2000 (1200), XF2000 (2000).After a long period of full load and listening test, the product can easily match the oversized output power amplifier or other audio and video products, which have a superior effect.

In addition to the audio and video products, the products also can be used in testing some electronic products which strictly required for power interference, like equipment or precision equipment, etc.




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